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Massage your way into a healthier and mindful you.  Let our massage experts melt away your stress!

Neck Massage

Relaxation Swedish

Light/medium/heavy pressure massage.


*90 Minute session: Can include hot stones + aromatherapy + scalp massage

60 Minute $90

90 Minute $115

120 Minute $180

Back Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Deep pressure massage targeting tension/pain relief. 

*90 minute session: Can include medi-cupping and Gua Sha scraping.

60 Minute $90

90 Minute $120

120 Minute $180

salt stone.png

Halo Stone Massage

Massage incorporating heated Himalayan Salt Stones. The rich mineral content can aid your body’s natural detoxification process and promote the removal of toxins and unnecessary waste.

60 Minute $90

90 Minute $115

Bamboo Stick Massage

Bamboo fusion Massage

Massage incorporating heated bamboo to provide deep pressure. 

60 Minute $90

90 Minute $115

Cupping Therapy

Medi cupping Massage

Technique using suction to increase blood flow and stretch muscles.

60 Minute $90

90 Minute $120

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Massage incorporating the deep heat provided by hot stones.

60 Minute $90

90 Minute $115

facial cupping.jpg

Facial Cupping

Facial cupping is meant to increase blood circulation and stimulate the facial cells that are responsible for collagen production. In turn, this can brighten your skin, minimize the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and tone your chin, jawline, and neck by decreasing puffiness.




Prenatal Massage

Massage encourages relaxation, enhances circulation and alleviates discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy such as headaches, leg pain and back discomfort. Special positioning and cushioning for comfort and safety is used during this massage.

60 Minute $90

90 Minute $115


Couples Massage

Relax with a partner during a couples massage in a spacious room for two.

60 Minute $180

90 Minute $230

*Call to book* 

Acupressure Neck Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Massage technique assisting in draining of the lymph nodes.

90 Minute $115

(90 Minutes is the minimum time required to receive full benefits of this massage)

Massage Add-ons/Upgrades

*Note:  Add-ons/upgrades are in addition to a massage or facial & cannot be booked by themselves

Keratin Hand treatment  $15       

Keratin Foot treatment    $15 

Peppermint scalp massage  $15     

Infrared sauna (30 min)  $25       

Collagen Face mask $15     

Sound Therapy (15 min) $10

Sound Therapy (30 min) $20

Vibration Machine Free use for guests 

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